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On 6/28/2016 at 10:42 AM, chirorob said:

My long term predicitons.  This is just stuff I've been thinking on for a while, not from any website or book or anything other than my befuddled brain.

Jaime kills Cersei.  Maybe even, she sees the fleet coming, and like the Mad King before her, realizes she is doomed and wants to ignite more wild fire and burn the whole city.  Just as he saved the city before by killing his king, now he kills his sister to save it again. 

Khaleesi marries Jaime.  She will marry to solidify her power.  Who else is there?  I don't think she'd marry Jon, he's her nephew, and it just seems  wrong.  Tyrion may convince her what Jaime did was for the best, and Tyrion will not want his family utterly destroyed.  There are no men in Dorne for her to marry of any worth, nor are there any Tyrells.  Jon/ Sansa becomes the King of the North, but makes the same vows Ned made to Robert, and Robert would have made to Renley. 

The Hound becomes the leader of the Men without Banners, and gains the power of the flaming sword that Beric had several seasons ago. 

OK, rip it apart!!

Very interesting prediction.

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