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Wholly unsatisfying episode.  They spent years demonstrating Danys humanity and mercy only to make her a homicidal cunk because her assistant was killed and people were gossiping about her.

Cersi and Jamies demise was a joke..

They spent 2 seasons setting up Aryas faceless man powers only to have her kill the NK as herself and stroll into Kings Landing as herself..  what was the point of all the tortuous training???  The only way it makes sense is if she kills Dany disguised as Jon or Grey Worm.

Where was Brieanne this episode?  Her killing Cersi while her and Jamie embraced would certainly have gotten a "OH SH-T" reaction.  The way Cersi met her demise after making such stupid decisions the last 2 seasons felt decidedly meh.

Not sure how the finale makes up for this..  actually one thing that would be cool is if Ayra killed the last dragon using her supposed faceless powers disguised as Dany.. 

Having Dany get the throne would be weak...  Having Jon get it at this point seems too cookie-cutter...  Where's Sansa??

The whole thing is kind of a mess largely due to trying to cram the ending of what had been a slowly moving story line into 6 episodes.

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On 5/20/2019 at 6:11 PM, JiF said:

We did office predictions on Friday.  I nailed it (not saying much) right down to the cutscene.

I call bullsh it.

There's no way you work in an office. 

Unless you consider the 5 SQ ft in front of your fryer an "office".

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