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Roger Goodell says Deflategate report should be released 'soon'...***updated 5/6: REPORT RELEASED*** (starts page 8)

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Tom Brady suspended one year, Bill Bellichek suspended 6 games!


What it should be.


Pats penalized, no salami at the post-game food table for week 1.


What it will be.

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Cheaters, Home Wreckers, Wife Beaters, Murders and Cheaters again.


The "Patriot Way".

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This would (should) be handled like a Civil Trail would.


"Beyond a reasonable doubt" is not required.  


Only a "preponderance of evidence", i.e. >50% chance they're guilty.


The report clearly says it meets that second burden.


If Tom Brady gets anything less than a year, it's an absolute fraud.


Bellichek might skate (he shouldn;t, see The Saints for why), but he might.


But the two ballmen should be banned for life, and Brady banned a year.  Minimum.

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ESPN Writer says Deflategate JEts Fault (lol):


Eight years ago, the New York Jets blew the whistle on the New England Patriots' illegal video-taping practices, resulting in Spygate. Turns out the Jets also are involved in the Deflategate scandal, albeit an involuntary, bit role.


Never fails. The Jets and Patriots always seem to be linked by controversy.


The long-anticipated Ted Wells report was released Wednesday, and there are 25 references to the Jets in the 243-page tome. The Jets' role stems from last year's Oct. 16 game at Foxborough, the Thursday night game in which the Jets outplayed the Patriots, but lost a heartbreaker, 27-25. Rex Ryan was so angry after the game that he punched a wall on the way to his news conference.


Tom Brady apparently was hacked off, too, but for a different reason. He "complained angrily" throughout the game about the inflation level of the footballs, according to the report. Brady's behavior, and the fallout, was covered in eight pages of the Wells report.


The upshot of the Jets-Patriots episode is that it shows Brady's obsession with the "feel" of his footballs, which will lead many to conclude he knew exactly what was going down (i.e. ball pressure) at the AFC Championship Game. Indeed, the report claims that Brady was "at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities of [Jim] McNally and [John] Jastremski involving the release of air from Patriots game balls" -- a reference to the Patriots' locker-room attendant and equipment assistant, respectively.

If you believe Brady, he claims the Jets-Patriots game provided an education on the rules of proper ball inflation. (Note: The proper range is 12.5 to 13.5 psi.) We kid you not. Here are a few excerpts from the report:


"When interviewed, Brady claimed to have known nothing about the permissible inflation range set by the NFL Playing Rules or the inflation range targeted by the Patriots until after the Patriots game against the New York Jets on October 16, 2014. Similarly, Jastremski claimed to have never read Rule 2 prior to that game, although he acknowledged being generally aware of the permissible inflation range and of Brady's preference for footballs set 'closer to 12.5 than 13.'


"According to Jastremski, before the October 2014 game against the Jets, it had been his practice to inflate Patriots game balls to a level between 12.75 and 12.85 psi without thinking much about it, simply because, according to Jastremski, that had been the range targeted by his predecessor. According to Brady, Jastremski and other Patriots personnel, during the October 2014 Jets game, Brady complained angrily about the feel and inflation level of the game balls. He told Jastremski between drives that the balls felt 'like bricks' and were heavier and harder to grip than they had been when he approved them prior to the game. Although Jastremski believed during the game that Brady was simply being competitive, he tested the air pressure of the game balls the next morning, discovered that many of them were over-inflated, and told Brady that he was right."


Our take: Could it be that Brady's frustration also stemmed from the Patriots' struggles against the one-win Jets, who controlled the ball for 40-plus minutes? Brady still wound up throwing three touchdown passes, but there were stretches in which he was befuddled by Rex Ryan's defense.

Another excerpt:

"Following the Jets game, Brady and Jastremski had a number of conversations concerning the inflation level of game balls. According to Brady, at some point after the Jets game and before the game against the Chicago Bears the following weekend, he asked to see a copy of the applicable Playing Rule, learned for the first time that the permissible inflation range was 12.5 to 13.5 psi, and was told that the Patriots typically inflated game balls slightly above 12.5 psi. Brady also stated that, at some point, he felt a football that was inflated to 12.5 psi, and decided that should be the target for all future games because he did 'not ever want to get near the upper range again.'


Our take: Wait, it gets better. During the game, Brady started dumping on McNally for not doing his job, per the report. Then, when questioned by the Wells investigators, Brady played dumb, claiming he didn't know McNally. Really? He's only been the locker-room attendant for 32 years.

Another except:


"According to Jastremski, while complaining about the balls on the sidelines during the game, Brady made a comment about McNally and referred to the testing of the game balls by the game officials prior to the game. Jastremski explained that Brady 'knows that Jim is the referee's locker-room attendant,' and recalls that Brady said something like, 'isn't he in there to make sure the balls are staying where they should be?'


"Jastremski said that he mentioned Brady's comment to McNally on the sideline, and that McNally responded 'f--- Tom.' McNally also recalls Brady being angry about the footballs during the game and expressing frustration about the game officials and their examination of the game balls. McNally claimed that he viewed Brady's comments as 'an attack on me' because McNally was responsible for bringing the game balls to the Officials Locker Room, and interpreted Brady's statements as criticism.


"When interviewed, Brady claimed that, prior to the events surrounding the AFC Championship Game, he did not know McNally's name or anything about McNally's game-day responsibilities, including whether McNally had any responsibilities relating to game balls or the game officials. When asked specifically whether he had spoken with Jastremski about McNally on the night of the Jets game, he stated: “I didn't know who Jim McNally was so I find it hard to believe I could bring that up."


Our final take: Clearly, the report tarnishes Brady's Mr. Perfect reputation, and he reportedly could be disciplined by the league. But the overall report comes up short because it fails to produce any concrete evidence against the Patriots. Basically, it says, "We think the Patriots broke the rules, but we can't be sure. In other words, nothing has been resolved, except that we now know that Brady turns ornery when people mess with his footballs.


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What's most pathetic is Brady is letting these locker room attendants take a fall for him


Our greatest hope is that someone pays these guys enough (more than whatever Hush money Brady and the Pats are paying now, assuredly) so they'll spill the beans completely.


Their careers in the NFL in any form are over now.


They're going to want their two-minutes of fame and their payday.


Lets just hope the Networks offer more than Kraft has assuredly already offered to stay silent.

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