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Have to trade Mo Wilk. He's not worth the money he'll command. Be interesting to see what they can get for him.



Gotta be work a late first.


Or an early 2nd and a 3rd or something like that.

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Anyone suggesting trading Wilkerson please ******* leave.


Trading Wilkerson would render than pick completely useless. We now have the best line in the league by a mile.


I can see us moving to a 4-3.


Not really.  They've got Williams for 4 years on his rookie deal.  Moving Mo makes it easy to re-do Richardson's contract.  Plus Williams has a ton more upside than Mo.  And, they get pick(s), too.  There's more than one way to skin a cat.

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This is the exact reason you delay paying Mo until after tonight. As long as Williams had an outside chance at falling to us, you have to leave the door open to deal Wilk away.


Good teams replenish talent with first time contracts, and trade impending big contracts for more juice. Wilk is awesome, but not untouchable if he ends up being the means to a greater end.

I agree. 

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