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Chris Wesseling ‏@ChrisWesseling 8m8 minutes ago #Jets DE Leonard Williams on facing Patriots: "I hope that's the first sack of my career, on Tom Brady"


Lol at Mac's answer to manish asking him if he'd have drafted another tackle if it was BPA,  "if I drafted another Dtackle, I'd be afraid you guys would tihnk I was trading Sheldon."

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that top prospects thing was putrid


Pretty much everything about the draft these days is putrid.  I can't blame guys like Winston and Mariota for not wanting to attend.


Still not as bad as that Oscar-type award show the NFL holds the night before the Super Bowl.  That is one of the dumbest things the NFL has come up with in a while.

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I thought last year coverage on Sky was a joke - they spent 90% of the pre draft show talking about how London deserves a team. 5 minutes before the Draft actually started, they began talking about it.

This year? There has been some Draft talk - but they've sent Jim White to cover it live.For those of you who've never heard of him, White a guy who's main claim to fame is for getting ridiculously overexcited about possible transfers of players between Macclesfield Town and Stockport County on English soccer's Transfer Deadline Day.

The guy hasn't got a clue who half the teams are, never mind the players.

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