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Braveheart Mafia - Game Thread

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Does anyone want my spot? This game blows.

Nolder shouldn't have used that word, but I've seen plenty of that kind of thing on this site.  Lizzie shouldn't have bitched out on the game.  Let's all just get drunk, have buttsecks and forget abou

I would like to thank Nolder and 80 for modding.  Can care less what anyone else thinks.  It's a lot of damn work.  Reason why fat lazy people like me choose not to.  I apologize for dropping out but

You soft claimed in a way to make people assume you're cop. If you have a guilty, as you at least implied, then you don't care what he claims.

If you're thinking he'll implicate someone, anything he'd say preflip but after you started hia train (if he flipped scum) would be wifom.

This is why you either slow play it without implicating him (esp with a vig dead and little to no chance you get day killed) to see what happens...or you put all your cards on the table immediately. Soft claiming =bad.

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Like I said...anyone else wanting him to have a chance to reveal makes sense. You could be lying. But you? Nah...

I accidentally neg repped this post because my laptop touchpad is too sensitive. My bad.

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