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WR Smith Practices, Signs Contract

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Even if he does turn out to be a one trick pony - WHAT A TRICK!!! I have dreams of a two eyed Wesley Walker. The clips I saw of this guy it seemed like he was always easily blowing by the defender and then had to slow up for the ball. They say he runs a 4.37 forty. About the same as Walker. The thing is Walker was always faster than anybody trying to cover him, regardless of what they ran the forty in. It is called football speed. This kid has it. Lots of guys run a great forty in shorts.

I am excited about him.

That would be awesome, my father said Wesley Walker was electric and was his favorite player from that era. Would be great to have a reincarnation of him on the field, but I feel Smith has the potential to develop into more than a 1 trick pony.

For 2015 though, that one trick will fit in well with the rest of our WRs.

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