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How expensive and difficult is it to go to XenForo software? it is the most popular right now and if it isn't too much hassle, maybe we should use it too? It is very mobile friendly and right now, considering how many folks browse this board on their phones, it only makes more sense. 

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Hey - thanks for the thought. Xenforo and IPB are priced similar, although a project to switch 3 millions posts is a pretty large one. When you view this site on a mobile device now, is it not mobile friendly? I ask because we have had mobile versions of everything here for a long time. We also have Tapatalk installed because some users said they were using that for other forums and preferred that to our mobile skin.


I looked at switching to Xenforo a while ago but they were in a lawsuit with VBulletin and it really slowed down their development. That is all behind them now but the forum of Xenforo that is out today is missing a lot of features that we have here now. Things that are integrated here like the photo gallery bring in a lot of visitors for us with the licensed Jets photos that we add. So losing or changing that would be a big concern.


IPB 4 is out and in June we are setting up a test board. That version has one skin that is responsive so it is also mobile friendly. There are a lot of new features in that version that I think everyone will like. @ replies is the feature I am most looking forward to. But we are going to set up a test board and convert the site. Then we want feedback from everyone...we will take a look at all that feedback and then decide what we do next in terms of upgrading.


So please give the new version a look in June and let us know what you think.  Thanks!

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