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Geno getting a raw deal by many

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All I did was say to someone that you have to take into account who Eli had on the Giants when comparing numbers.

still am. You're all over the place spinning this to keep going on about Geno and why he sucks. I keep saying it's more than numbers. And it's certainly not some weird it factor.


all over the place? I am resolutely on He Sucks Street.

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Getting a raw deal? He lucked into starting Year 1 because Rex put Sanchez into the 4th Q of the Snoopy Bowl, then he was handed the job Year 2 after a ridiculous sham competition, and now he is the p

if his performance in TC & Preseason is at least in the same ballpark as Fitz & our QB roster remains the same i'm onboard with him starting week 1   if he has all of the 2015 WR/TE weapons

Geno is what he is, million-dollar arm and a two-cent brain. He will never be a starting QB in this league until he possess the mental capability to play the position, of which he has flashed nothing

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