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Mangold's Sister makes incredible Box Jump. Sign This Beast


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NFL’s box-juming craze


By Michael Jaycox

June 01, 2015 10:03 am EDT  24 views


Suddenly, the biggest fad in the NFL is the box jump.

Apparently, basketball players aren’t the only athletes with insane hops, and guys like J.J. Watt and Luke Kuechly can’t stop showing off.

So this weekend, Nick Mangold’s sister, Olympic weightlifter Holley Mangold, gave it a shot:





Click link below


Read more at http://cover32.com/jets/2015/06/01/watch-nick-mangolds-sister-hilariously-pokes-fun-at-the-nfls-box-juming-craze/#pKeAyPhYzyOfTL5z.99

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When Mangold joined "The Biggest Loser," she weighed in at 351 pounds. Now she's down to 260. I think she gained back more then she lost..



there is a video done by a paper out in Columbus about her lifting and she said she gained the weight back and then some. She admitted that her lifting is suffering because she has gotten too big

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