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Giants in hot water over Drone use.


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The Giants may have bent the rules by flying a drone over minicamp practice earlier this month. Not the NFL's rules, but the Federal Aviation Administration's guidelines for flying unmanned aircrafts for a commercial purpose. 

The Giants, Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots could be subject to fines for failing to obtain necessary exemptions, according to Bloomberg News.

They wrote: 

"The FAA, when asked about drone use by three teams, said it has been in contact with the Cowboys to "explain the proper procedure for obtaining the necessary exemption." It plans to reach out to two other teams that used the devices to film their own workouts: the New York Giants and the New England Patriots."

Whoops. It's likely the Giants, along with the Cowboys and Patriots, didn't know any better. This is all new territory. 

When Giants coach Tom Coughlin got into coaching there certainly weren't any drones. When approached with the idea of using drones to tape their practices, it's unlikely he knew any of the preexisting laws. 

The Patriots and Bill Belichick? Well, who knows. They may have bent the rules a time or two before. 

The Giants told Bloomberg they couldn't comment because the individuals handling the drones were unavailable in the offseason. The Giants closed out their minicamp and offseason workout program last week. They open training camp on July 30. This time of the year (from late-June to latte-July) is prime time for vacations and time off in the NFL.

It doesn't seem the Giants should have much to worry about. It seems unlikely a serious punishment will be levied. 

Only a handful of operators have reportedly been fined for illegally flying drones.


The Giants tested the drone for part of a practice this spring. They wanted to see what it could do to possibly enhance their videotaping of practice. 

"It is another advancement," Coughlin said. "The way it was presented to me is, 'Is this angle worth looking at?' I am not really ready even to say that because I only saw it one day and saw it in a certain drill. 

"Maybe there are drills where it would help, looking right straight down on an inside play, you have a tendency to speed through it and get to the end zone copy. There may be something to it. I'm not ready to say one way or another. I wouldn't want to stand in the way of the advancement of technology."

Unless maybe it was against the law or disrupted the FAA's airspace. 

Jordan Raanan may be reached at jraanan@njadvancemedia.com. Follow him on Twitter @JordanRaanan. Find NJ.com Giants on Facebook.

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You should be able to use it on your own property without dealing with all that red tape.


They won't be able to stop this BTW. Just like they can't stop illegal downloading. It's whack-a-mole. Stop one and another pops up.

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On 6/28/2015 at 6:22 PM, New York Mick said:

Oh come on. It's in a controlled area over their field. The government needs to ****off and mind it's own business.

No, there are rules in place and about weight and speed.  This is a safety issue.  


Mods please help.  the above is not my post so it seems my account has been hacked

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You should be able to use it on your own property without dealing with all that red tape.

If Kraft/Mara/Jones was flying it over his own 'estate' and keeping away from other people's property I would agree, but they are flying it over property accessible to the public... there are safety, privacy, and other issues.


Now if they were flying the drones over other stadiums to steal plays, that would be more interesting....

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