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Summer Blockbuster Mafia - Game on!


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The JN crew was bored, with nothing to do. The football forums were ruined and everyone was down in the dumps. Crusher called for all his mafia friends to gather and watch the summer blockbusters. At least then, they'd have something to do. Some of the guys were being jerks and kept on unplugging the projector. You need to find out who is doing this, even if it means that there will be bloodshed. 

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  • Crusher - a minion from The Minions - vanilla townie - killed N4
  • JC - Ant-Man from Ant-Man - scum role blocker - killed N4
  • Arsis - Magic Mike from Magic Mike XXL - killed N2
  • 80 - Ted from Ted 2 - vanilla townie - lynched D2
  • Nol - Amy from Trainwreck - doc - killed N3
  • JiF
  • Verb - Owen Grady from Jurassic World - 1x N1 masonizer - lynched D1
  • CTM
  • Ape - The Hulk from The Avengers: Age of Ultron - mafia 1x BPV - lynched D4
  • Pac
  • AVM - Sean Brenner from Insidious: 3 - vanilla townie - Killed N1
  • Smash - Fear from InsideOut - goon - killed N3
  • SMC - Molly Cooper from Spy - cop - lynched D3



Normal rules, no use of the words "wolf" or "village". You will get hit with a PR. 


PMs are going out in a few minutes. Feel free to post. Votes will not be counted until I say. 

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I hope you're all happy.

My name is Amy and I'm from some coming to grips with grown up life chick flick.

******* hell...


Somehow I know this is all Verbal's fault.

Vote Verbal


OMG it's ******* Wednesday.



Vote: Nolder



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Is he really going on vacation? I thought it was a joke.


Yeah, I'll be kinda scarce through Monday night (into Tuesday).  But I'll be around enough to lead a lynch on both you and 80 and then dance on your corpses.* #







* skull****ing optional


# your alignment is definitely not cared about

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