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Sammy Watkins: "Its a problem if we don't make the playoffs"


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First of all the Bills have to be worried about Marshall, he's our #1 WR. It's silly to say they won't worry.

No one was bashing Rex. No one said he isn't a really good DC. Or even talked about what the Bills can do against the Jets and the Jets to the Bills.

It was a conversation about any advantage Rex might have by knowing the Jets roster. My point was the roster is pretty different, the coaching staff is different, the schemes will be different. What he knows about he team any HC can get from film. Not going to be a help any more than the Jets will know what he likes to do and know his schemes. New HCs come into the division and win. Didn't know a thing about the competition.

That was it. Stop with Rex, he's not Lombardi.

You have Incognito? I'd be more worried that he does more damage to the Bills than the teams they play. LOL, Icognito.

We'll have 2 men covering Marshall.  I am aware of the conversation with the other poster. I agree that Rex has an advantage in terms of knowing the weaknesses and strengths of players on your team while he coached. Don't matter what plays Todd Bowles has up his sleeves.

 I agree,  Rex is no Lombardi.  As far as the Buffalo Bills' Fans are concerned , he's  a step up.  Rex walks on water  :sign0102:

Incognito?  Are you picking on our choir boy?   :winking0001:

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