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Ragnarok Mafia: Game Over, Loki Wins


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Odin looked out at the Gods assembled before him and felt no small measure of satisfaction. Standing at the front of the crowd, his son and chosen successor, Thor, alternated between staring grimly at the four prisoners chained in front of the throne and scanning the crowd, no doubt still both worried that his half-brother was not among the prisoners, and worried for that same half-brother. It was somewhat ironic, Odin reflected, that Thor’s human enamorata, Jane Foster, seemed the fiercer of the two, displaying none of his son’s internal conflict. One reason he wholeheartedly approved of the match, despite the heartbreak it would no doubt bring his son in the fullness of time. That human poet, Tenny’s son, had had the right of it.

But now was not the time to focus on domestic concerns. Spreading his hands, Odin stepped forward to address the prisoners. “You thought to come here, to my realm, while I yet breathed, and take it from me? Look to the results. Your armies destroyed, your malice humbled, your dreams chained before me.” The four stared back at him, inscrutably, and Odin raised his voice for the crowd. “Laufey, Surtr, the Fenris Wolf, and World Serpent are captured. The Ragnarok has been averted.”

Odin paused to let the wave of acclamation crash over him as the Asgardians shouted their triumph. Thor, he noticed, was not joining in the cheers. Odin’s next words were for him as much as anyone. “Loki remains free, and we must continue to be vigilant. But he is alone now, and we are safe.”

“Think you so, father? Think you so?” The laughter, mocking and tinged with insanity and pain, seemed to swell from every corner of the room, and from nowhere. “All your wisdom, gained at such cost, and you are still too blind to truly see me for what I am.”

Chaos magics lashed the room, striking nearly everyone in it, including the four at its center. “My armies are gone, but you have brought my agents among you. Here, into Asgard’s very heart. And we shall see how you fare.” With a mad laugh, and a flare of power that knocked the room’s occupants to the ground, Loki’s voice was gone.

As the Asgardians stood, groaning, they looked at each other – and themselves – in disbelief. Cloaked in illusion, they could not tell friend from foe. Cloaked in illusion, they could not even be sure of themselves. And among their number, five filled with anticipation.

Day 1 is Open. This is a hammer game; I’ll set deadlines if I have to, but not unless there seems to be a need. Usual rules apply – no character claiming, respect the spirit of the game, and all of you GFY
To repeat what was said in the signup thread, nobody – town or scum – will know their actual roles unless and until Loki is dead, but the roles will be active if used, so don’t forget night action PMs

Townie Win Condition - You win when all mafia and Loki are dead.

Mafia Win Condition - You win when you outnumber the town AND Loki is dead.

Loki Win Condition - You win only by being the last man standing

(Note: Yeah, I know, the opening scene makes it seem Loki and the scum are together. They aren't)

Opening Town PM:

You are ___, a townie. You win when all mafia and Loki are dead.
Each night, you may – but are not required to – submit a single name to me as a night action. You will not be told what that action does – or even if you have a night action available at all – until Loki is dead, but if you do have a night action and you use it (for example, if you are a cop), it will be effective whether Loki is dead or alive. Until Loki is dead, please PM me EACH NIGHT to either let me know who you are targeting OR that you are choosing not to use your night action.

1) Lily - Thor, Vigilante,
2) AlannaLynn - Jormungand, Goon,
3) Pac - Surtr, Roleblocker,
4) CTM
5) Wombat
6) Nolder - Tyr, Vanilla Town, Killed N6
7) Smash - Hogun, Vanilla Town,
8) Jetscode - Freyr, Backup Cop,
9) Hallia - Fandral, Vanilla Town,
10) Barmacral - Fenris Wolf, Tracker,
11) LizardKing
12) 80
13) Integrity - Laufey, Godfather,
14) JiF - Balder, Vanilla Town,
15) SMC - Vanilla Town,
16) Naeann
17) Seph - Freya, Backup Doc, Lynched D6

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Power napping?

Nah. Went to the park with my friend and his kid. Thought we'd be there longer actually.


Great setup, Doggin!

Vote Nolder

Ooops looks like I was a combo breaker. My bad, lemme fix that.


Vote Hallia

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Since a few people have asked: all roles will be effective as usual even while Loki is alive. So if you are the cop, you will get results for your N1 view before the start of D2 (unless, of course, someone else's action interferes with that). Same for all other roles. If there's a doctor, their protecting will work N1, if there's a hider, vigilante, jailkeeper, tracker, etc. ... all roles are active as usual. If you can figure out what your role is before Loki dies, good for you.

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