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Geno Smith Punched by IK, out 6-10 weeks. All discussion here (MERGED)

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@BartHubbuch: No laughing at the Jets if your favorite team gave $40 million to a tight end who turned out to be a serial killer.

More annoyed about losing IK than Geno, tbh

anything that gets Geno off the field is good news. Those who had deluded themselves into thinking he'd be better, sorry but you are wrong. Geno is garbage. This should have been a real competition fr



Smith blows dead animals. Again he shows himself to be as mature as a sugared up 6 year old . Good riddance to bad garbage. 


Let Fitz get to work, and get Petty ready. 

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If he put his finger in IK's face, he was asking to get punched.  Bowels should learn the definition of a sucker punch.  Total bitch move by Geno.

To be honest I have to agree with this, you can swear at me, push me, do a lot of things and I can slough them off but the old finger in the face or spit in the face and instant reaction is to pop the guy.

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Just wait for the real story to get out.  Stupid move period.  Bowles is now on watch as it is "his" locker room and this crap happens.  So from a QB perspective, training camp starts today, but wait practice is cancelled........

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