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What is Jets record before bye week?


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either 2-2 or 3-1 we beat the browns badly, we beat the Eagles because Chip got rid of all his talent for injury prone players (Bradford, Murray, Alanso, Ryan Matthews) they should all be injured by week two. Miami will be a close low scoring game, expecting few first downs and likely the only scores for either team will come from field goals. Indy I think we will lose to but we have beaten the colts before when we were the underdog.

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Side note...

Why aren't bye weeks for everyone in the middle of the season? Half the teams week 8, half the teams week 9. And then that's it, byes are done. Fair rest for everyone. Still plenty of games to fill the airwaves. Boy, if I was American Sports Czar for a day....

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Do you think it's to early to start making up rhymes like "Suck for Luck." 


Might be tough, better start early.  Jones, Hackenberg, Cook.    Going to have to get creative to rhyme with Hackenberg


Suck for Cook doesn't sound good in my ears.. But he's my favourite of the bunch. That said, we will have to trade up to get him, a lot of teams will be worse than us this year.


First 4? 1-3 at best!


What a situation. I start to learn what it is like to be a Jets fan know. Things can only go so well until sh*t hits the fan..

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