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It's been a lively training camp for Jason Babin, who's playing as if he's 25, playing in his second NFL season, rather than 35, playing in his 12th.


"Every camp has its challenges," the engaging OLB told me after Sunday's practice at the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center, during which he came up with a quick tackle for loss and even engaged in a scuffle with C Dalton Freeman a few plays later."For me it was really just honing in on the skillset of outside linebacker. Last year was kind of ... not a new situation but it's been a long time since I played that position."


That may sound odd, but after his first two seasons in 2004-05 with the Texans, his primary position was hand-in-the-dirt defensive end. Then last June the Jaguars released him and the Jets signed him and stood him back up at OLB. He added only two sacks to bring his career total to 64.5, but he played in all 16 games and had a bounce in his step all season."I really wanted, this offseason in OTAs and in training camp, to go back to the basics and what does it mean to be an outside linebacker," he said. "I really focused on what I do good, what I wanted to work on, and that's kind of how I've been utilizing camp to my advantage."The other thing he has going for himself is what he calls "living a championship life."


"I don't take time off. I don't change my diet in the offseason. I don't stop working out," he ticked off. "I don't sleep differently — I sleep in a hyperbaric chamber, not every night but I like to get 20 to 25 hours a week in there."It's no secret but Babin even owns his own chamber, which simulates the pressure one would feel being 11 feet below sea level and helps the body better use oxygen to decrease swelling and inflammation."I take it to the utmost extreme," he said. "This will be my 12th year but I feel great."


The Jets have an interesting setup on the outside with thirtysomethings Babin and Calvin Pace (plus Quinton Coples) still performing and able to help bring along rookie Lorenzo Mauldin, second-year player Trevor Reillyand free-agent rookie Deion Barnes."I think Calvin and I really do for those guys is put things in perspective," Babin said. "We can help especially the younger guys in the room understand what's important, strip away all the noise and say this is what should be your approach, this is what you need to be concerning yourself with."Because the position is a tough one, especially if you've never played it before. You're rushing the passer, you take on runs, take on tackles, take on tight ends, cover wide receivers. You kind of have to be good at everything. It's a tough position to really be good at. It takes a lot of work."


Babin is putting in the work, and he has his eyes on what is important on the calendar ahead. There are three preseason games left, but as he says, "Right now it's about us. Learning how the team is going to come together, learning who we are, learning how we're going to prepare. And taking that next step that's necessary to get ready for the real games."And with the schedule ahead at his demanding position, it's got to be nice even for a workaholic like Babin to get an "off" day once in a while.


> http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/article-randylangefb/Jason-Babin-Set-to-Launch-Into-a-New-Season/6b5a2b0e-3d24-498d-8a87-1ec50da6dc3f

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