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ODAY ABOUSHI Suspended for 1st Game


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Oday Aboushi of the New York Jets has been suspended without pay for the first game of the 2015 regular season for violating the NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse


Aboushi will be eligible to return to the Jets’ active roster on Monday, September 14 following the team’s September 13 game against the Cleveland Browns.


Aboushi is eligible to participate in all preseason practices and games.


[Note: The NFL Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse is posted on nflmedia.com. From the home page, click on "Resources" and then "About the NFL."]




“News like this is never welcome. We will support Oday as we continue with our preparations for the upcoming season.”




“I apologize for my actions and understand the repercussions. This is something I’ve learned from and I’m focused on moving forward.”




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Hopefully he won't be found speeding in a car filled with steroids and an 11 year old child in the next few weeks.

We just can't get enough mileage out of Sheldons offense.

Surprised you didn't manage to get a ouch to the face into it

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Will this have any effect on the team???  Because I'm not sure he even makes

the final roster

I think he does by default. 


I watched Dozier a lot in the first pre-season game and he was quite bad.  A total turnstile against the 2nd Defense of Detroit.  He reminded me of rookie Brian Winters.

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"Oh, God, I'm so terrible at my job!"



O-Bush takes a massive inhale from a six foot, Hello Kitty lucite bong.  After holding it in for a few seconds, he exhales a massive plume of smoke all the while coughing uncontrollably.  


"Lord knows I'm in over my head.  I know the guys can tell I don't have NFL caliber technique.   God, please don't let Mr. Bowles cut me.  Especially since I knitted him a toasty throw for his family room. "


(O-Bush takes out a yellow bandana and blows his nose loudly into it.  He opens it up to look at the torrent of nasal secretions he has released.  After a few seconds of stunned silence, he throws the soiled bandana into a canister of half eaten caramel corn.)


"All that would be left is the CFL.  Or Hardees.  But I'm not shift supervisor material.  And I absolutely will not live in Canada. Never.  I just can't I tell you.  (Begins sobbing, then stands up and throws a Jim Parsons action figure forcefully against a storage unit) "****k my life!!"

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He is a stiff. So many Jet fans read the one piece from PFF or wherever it was that gave him a high ranking for his one good game and I find myself reading multiple threads about him like he is Alan Faneca or Brandon Moore...

Nothing but sheep. Watch the games closely and think for yourselves.

He is not worth a roster spot.

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