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RGIII Out, Cousins In.

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He came out of college as a brand already. I don't think he works nearly hard enough to be a top flight starter. Holds the ball too long, uses his legs too much, with little results. Cut him and move on from the inevitable annoying questions every time Cousins has a bad game. I know the dollars are hard to swallow, but you are the ones who overpaid him.

Next years guaranteed money is only guaranteed for injury, so why give Washington anything when you know they will cut him, they are not paying 16 million for him to watch from the bench in 2016 unless they fire Gruden, and bring in a HC who wants RG3.

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Tough call.  On the basis of talent exhibited so far, RGIII wins in a second.  But he gets injured a lot on the field.  Geno doesn't get injured at all on the field, only by his own teammates in the l

No. Geno can throw the ball. RG3 cannot and does not have the work ethic or attitude to succeed.

No I think we have a real QB on our books already from Baylor, he's just a little raw yet, and call Bryce Petty!

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Bad month for Subway spokesman.

Cousin at times has had periods where he looks like he can be a good NFL QB.  I'm interested to see what he does "if" his OL isn't as bad as it looks.

cousins can play, it will be interesting to see if he can take care of the football.  He's a smart guy but prone to bad decisions.   

what the hell are the redskins going to do with RG3?    they almost have to cut him at this point.   if they keep him around he's probably #3 behind mccoy...which is an ugly place to be for a 'franchise' qb.   

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