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Poor old Maccagnan...

Panzer Division Marduk

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Over here, Sky Sports are doing some NFL 32 thing, visiting all the teams in the one day. The Jets decided Maccagnan would be their sacrificial lamb to have to deal with the clueless insane muppet that is Jim White of Sky Sports. F**king car crash tv at Florham Park.

White opens with "My new best friend at the Jets...Mike...(looks at notes) uhh..pronounce your surname",  then asks about Maccagnan being GM, signing the star Brandon Marshall, Geno and IK, then loads of stuff about the London Monarchs and a London franchise (Sky are obsessed with that) then finally asks about how crazy the rivalry with the Giants is.

And then at the end of it, White puts on a Giants hat. You can just see Maccagnan thinking "Why me..."




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