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"They won't want to play us again, i can tell ya that"

win a big game, best defense ever, not kissing bellichek's rings, get beat.   wash, rinse, repeat.....we lived it for 6 years this is just buffalo's first taste.  

I root for no one except GG. Bills offense is currently killing NE though.

Holy cow.  Raiders are for real?

Well, they can do some things at home versus a terrible pass defense.  I think the Denver games will be interesting now because Denver's offense is very suspect...but their pass defense isn't.  I dont think Oakland is ready to handle Denver's defense yet, but I think those game will be interesting.  No reason to think Oakland cant pass KC but not sure they'll pass SD for #2 in that division.

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Anyone watching the GB/Sea game? 

They threw a flag because the replay people called down? This league is backwards. Time for full time employee as refs.

how does the DT jump offsides 3 times ? the ball is 3 feet from his face !!!   unreal

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NE just doesn't care, they do what works.  They don't even try to run on teams that can stop the run.  They will do the same thing to the Jets when they play.  59 passes, how many times was Brady actually hit?

True  A plot of their pass plays ar for like 3 or 4 yards.  They have the same result as a running play.  They have a QB they trust to put the ball in tight spaces.

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