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### NY Jets vs Indianaoplis Colts --- MNF Game Thread ###

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I had a chance at a decent nights sleep for the first time in like forever tonight. But like the champion game thread starter that I am, I put the thought of sleep aside. I got out of bed. I looked up

Waiting for the next Cialis commercial to feature two dudes. Two older dudes who can't muster up a half-chub between them. lol

Todd Bowles: " We're not where we want to be but we're on our way. The trick is to win while you're getting there."  That is a statement of beauty. 

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What was the deal with Ivory? He looks like sh*t, he's not punishing anybody after contact which is his game

you're the 3rd person to ask, and i'm the 3rd person to answer - he has a groin injury. Did you see him after he hurdled the guy? He was screaming in pain

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Leaving a lot of plays out there - Ivory is not 100% and Fitzy is showing his limitations IMO - we're totally letting the Colts stay in the game and they're one score away from being right back in this to steal it.  You're a Jets fan, you've seen this before.

stop it already withe the SAME OLD JETS crap. Our fanbase likes to complain for the sake of complaining

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we should be dinkin

I'd only correct it to say Gailey is showing Fitzy's limitations.

If the Colts were actually putting points on the board the pitchforks would be out for one or both.

To have 10 points at this point, with all these breaks, is pathetic.

we should be dinking and dunking

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