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### NY Jets vs Indianaoplis Colts --- MNF Game Thread ###


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I hope I am wrong but I think Luck will go off on us

We just have to follow the Bills blueprint. I actually want them to take the ball first for once and try and set the tone early with Ivory. If we can't run all over them, or we come out flat like last week we're ****ed anyway.

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2 things that concern me.

1. How good is our spy against containing Luck

2. How good can we cover BOTH Fleener and Allen

If we have answers to both of those questions and don't make self inflicted mistakes, we should dominate this game.

I have same concerns. Covering TE's and slot receivers was our weak point last few years. Let's see how we will match up against Colts' TE's

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Hell yeah brother.  We will know alot about this team win or lose tonight. 

Absolutely!  If we lose this game (I hope not!) but don't shoot ourselves in the foot, play a competitive game with very little penalties then I'll still be riding high into the rest of the season knowing we didn't lose the game, we got beat.  Kind of like the Rangers/Kings from 2 yrs ago.

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