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Agreed. Could, and should, have been a blowout.

The Patriots won't let us by that easily, and we all know that if Gore was a Patriot, he wouldn't have fumbled.

Hopefully the offense will continue to gel, with a nice boost with Devin on the field, and Chan refines his play calling throughout the season.

This D looks scary good. I, at first, wanted Bowles to discipline Sheldon further for that "episode", but now I'm REALLY REALLY giddy to see what this D can do with him on the field.

he wouldn't have fumbled because the ball would have been deflated

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I am pretty impressed with Todd Bowles so far.

He handles the media well, the players seem to have a genuine respect for him, and he does not seem to be overwhelmed by being a head coach.

It's a long season, lets see how it plays out.

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I really like Bowles...

Im interested in which direction the media goes with the storylines of his Philly ties, and what his response will be...dude is all business.

my best friends an Eagles fan, we'll be watching together...I need this W...lets go Jets!

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