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### NY Jets vs Philadelphia Eagles--- Game Thread ###

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The New York Jets are 2 and 0. I repeat the New York Jets are 2 and 0. Today we are sticking with No Easy Way Out from Rocky IV. The lyrics say, I see all the angry faces. But when the Jets BEAT the E

That is how winning is done.

Beautiful but breezy morning. Grill smoke perfuming the air. arena rock blasting in the near distance. slap of wood as Eagles fans corn hole with one another 2 parking spots over.   coals are hot

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Can't ******* sleep. Bring on the Eagles. Let's dominate this miserable team and their low life fans. Let's crush their hopes and send them back home with 0-3. For once, let's take the revenge of being 0-9 against this sorry ass team from a sorry ass city. Fly Eagles fly, fly into oblivion. Jets are waiting for you Eagles. Come to your destiny. Come and taste the defeat in the hands of Bowles army.  


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I will be watching on my IPad from a villa in Tuscany while having a huge feast prepared for us. Not a bad way to watch the game but it would be better with a win.   

Wow the only thing cooler would be to watch it on your iPad while traveling on a boat in Venice with a gondolier singing in the background.

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Exciting day, we could be 3-0 by days end, and legit contenders early in this season.

Last last week, the Eagles game is one SOJ loses, despite (IMO) our being a better, more talented team.

So here's to banishing SOJ today, and pulling out a 3-0 start.

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