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****Official Jets vs. Dolphins London Game Day Thread****


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You seriously have to be fn kidding right? I mean seriously? If you are not kidding you are the most delusional Geno fan ever.

I am not talking about Geno...and it's not a zero sum game where one has to be pro Geno if he is critical of fitz. Fitz has under thrown open receivers, completely missed open receivers and throws at least 1 pick a game. Any throws he makes outside the numbers are a pick waiting to happen and he tends to lock onto Marshall rather than going through his progressions.

If that is what you think is good quarterback play, fine....but it will not beat winning teams...and it lets losing teams hang around long after they should have been put away....like the Dolphins here who should have been filleted, fried and served before halftime.


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No need for the first sentence. Just make your point.
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Folk misses field goal

Refs allow a jet WR to be tackled deep in miami zone which another score ends this game

We have the WORST punter in the NFL and won't do anything about it

Which, BTW, means we have the worst punt coverage in the NFL

We have a RB with 153 yards and we THROW THE F***IN ball

We have more penalty yards than Miami has offense


Sometimes, you just have to wonder why they have not made a movie about this team....


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except of course that he is not. You are wrong. It is possible they both suck, but Fitz is not better likely worse than Geno

I've watched every geno snap and every fitz snap as a jet, as i am sure you have, and all i can say is my opinion is based on play on the field while yours must be based on other things like "ceiling" and training camp reports. which is fine, but i trust my eyes. nothing personal i just disagree.

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