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****Official Jets vs. Dolphins London Game Day Thread****


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If the NFL wants an international team they should just resurrect NFL Europe.

It looks like Goodell told the refs to keep the flags in their pockets. But that only lasted for the first couple of drives before reverting to the way they are. They can't help themselves.

Was just telling Mrs. Sperm the best thing that could have happened is a 3-0 Jets win. Then spectators and TV viewers over there decide the game is too boring to have any interest in, get no TV sponsors during the game, and they deep 6 this idea of expanding across the pond. 

But it wouldn't matter. They watch soccer and love it no matter how many 1-0 games they sit through.

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You drafted Glennon in round 2. What did you expect?

Dude, thats the problem. I would have drafted him in the 2nd but I was out bar hoping with the wife and I didnt set up my pre draft expecting to be there so I had an automatic draft. So Instead of having the greatest back up in the NFL I ended up with Jay Cutler. 






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You aint lying. Every time this guy touches the field he makes an impact play. Thats no bullsh*t. If its not a INT its a stop on 3rd down etc. 

This guy is playing lights out! 

That Williams interception is the type of clip you save and show in meetings as how to play PERFECT coverage.

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