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AS expected all the expert tv announces who declared the jets were shi* all off season all of a sudden are felatting the jets like crazy. makes me sick.

Brady still in the ref's face. Chandler more or less facemasked the guy covering him and pulled him down to the ground. And Brady is going apesh*t on the refs for calling it. I'm not wishing he gets

Montcrief cradles it as they pile together. Montcrief comes out of the pile with it as they peel them off one by one. Pats ball. This f*cking league.

Last point on the refs last night, there was a play where the Colts running back goes up through the middle gets stopped & the whistles blow, a Pats defender keeps playing & body slams the RB, think it was Gore. The RB pleads with the ref about roughing, ref totally ignores him? Very similar to the Sproles/Davis play but in that case Davis was the only tackler & Sproles is a squirmy SOB. There is absolutely no consistancy with calls in the NFL.

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