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### Jets - Patriots The Official Game Thread ###

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Bowles is getting outcoached. How do you not run a play before the Pats challenge that spot on the Decker catch? Why do you not even TRY to score before halftime with 2 minutes and 3 timeouts? Awful,

It's amazing to me to think that people are so angry at the Jets. They are DOWN 3 to the best team in the NFL ON THEIR HOMEFIELD. Jesus Christ....

TAKE THAT YOU CHEATING ****S !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't know what it is but I woke up with a quiet confidence about this game. No way will we let Gronk run around uncovered like the sh*tty Steelers secondary did. We won't let Blount bludgeon us like the Colts did. In Bowles I trust. I also don't see Chan Gailey crawling into a shell when he has Brandon Marshall doubled with Decker being covered by some unknown nobody. If Pats play zone than Kerley should be used, he's very good finding spots in the zone.

Kerley turns out to be X factor & Pats have no answer trying to stop Marshall & Ivory.

from your lips...

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And Kerly hasn't been involved with this offense for the 1st 5 games because................????


It's ok, I'll wait.



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I believe he was coming off injury and had never played with Fitzpatrick and was 4th on the depth chart

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