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Injury updates


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Ouch ... What a f*cking day

hadnt realized that recaulking the kitchen counter so my f*cking wife would quit b*tching at me about stupid stuff was going to be the highlight of it.


then topped off by her getting p*ssed about me putting the opened salad dressing travel pack in the sink (so it wouldn't make a mess anywhere) instead of pouring it into a Tupperware container ... At the same time our team went down in flames in the 4th quarter


now finding out the Fitz injury is serious


all I have left to look forward to is taking a $h*t before bed ... I know it's going to be diarrhea 


what a f*cking day

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Fitzpatrick will need surgery on thumb “at some point.” TB says there’s a chance he could play Sunday


If Fitz & Geno can’t play, Bowles says “we have Bryce,” but team will “see what’s out there.” Petty will get some first-team reps.


Depending on who bring in, that player could back up Bryce Petty in situation Geno/Fitz can’t go.

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