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QBs need to be protected, all QBs.


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If I'm Bowles, I'm inquiring with the league this morning why a personal foul was not called on the Geno Smith spear! Take that moment & imagine Calvin Pryor spearing Tom Brady in the midsection with the top of his helmet. There is no doubt the yellow flags would have been thrown from every direction. I don't care that he's not ELITE, he should be afforded the same protection from injury that every other QB is afforded at the top of this league. It's complete & utter BS. I'm starting to hate this f*cking league! what's the point of having a big Dline if the Oline can hold? Did you see the Broncos last night? It's SPEED that matters now on D & we've got two of the slowest defenders on earth in Coples & Pace. No one runs up the middle, they just attack our edges. Mac has a lot of work to do but I'm no longer attached to any DT up front, everyone's expendable on this team. Other than Revis, Skrine, Pryor, Wiliams (youth), Carpenter, Ivory, Marshall, Decker, Folk,every other player is either old (Brick, Mangold, Breno, Colon) or average. Mac has his work cut out for him. I might have missed some guys, but I don't think so? It's been said before, Mangold while very good is aging, looks really fat & doesn't move well enough to pull. The Patriots have a rookie center in Andrews. Brick got blown up again on a 3rd & 1. It's time to start drafting some replacements.


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