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[UPDATE] D.C. Police Make Arrest in Twerking Attack; Victim Speaks Out

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[UPDATE] D.C. Police Make Arrest in Twerking Attack; Victim Speaks Out





This post has been updated.

The Metropolitan Police Department has arrested someone in conjunction with a "twerking" display that police are calling sexual abuse.

A video released by the Metropolitan Police Department yesterday depicts two women twerking and otherwise groping a man who has not given his consent in a convenience store on October 7. MPD asked for the public's help in identifying the women involved in the incident, which may constitute third degree sexual abuse. 

Detectives from the Sexual Assault Unit arrested 22-year-old Ayanna Marie Knight, of Las Vegas, in connection with the incident. She has been charged with third degree sexual abuse.

According to the police, a pedestrian told them Knight's location. The search for the other woman in the video continues. 

Lieutenant Sean Conboy told DCist that the "video was taken down due to an arrest being made in the case."

Fox 5 scored an interview with the victim of the unwanted twerking, who asked not to be identified.

He said that he asked for help from the store's cashier, and the man replied, "What do you want me to do?"

The victim also told Fox 5 that the attack continued outside the convenience store. He went to a car wash to call 911, and said that MPD has additional surveillance footage from that location.

You can watch the full Fox 5 report here:



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