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Rex calls Fitzpatrick "not handsome", rips on beard. Fitzpatrick with solid response.


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Rex stealing a page out of Trumps playbook.

Rex is a Troll


Rex is that guy that thinks he's a troll, but then ends up starting sh*t he can't finish, insisting he isn't mad, while his insecurities get exposed and he gets all wound up, and ends up in tears.

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Dudes who concern themselves with the facial hair of other dudes:

Are incapable of growing good facial hair


Their significant other won't let them.


Hate America

There is some truth here.

I am 42 and have not yet finished puberty so I cannot grow a full beard, and am jealous as fk of anyone who can. I would rock out a Fitz beard without question if I could. Been taking Horny goat weed to help expedite my puberty but its not working.

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