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### Jets \ Bills --- The Official Game Thread ###


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That was a terrible decision from Fitz but actually a good throw. Marshall should have came away with it.

The running game dying a death is going to be a real problem.

He had both hands on it. Absolutely no excuse for it to end up an int

We just got really stupid in the last 90 seconds



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What world are you guys living in thinking that was a drop by Marshall.  Gilmore ran the route.  Fitz threw it as Gilmore lower back.  Marshall had to reach over top of him to keep Gilmore from turning and picking it and or hit him in the back and falling incomplete.  Marshall made a play out of it and unfortunately couldnt hold and even worse, tipped it up for a pick. 

The ball went through both of his hands.  Would it have been a great catch? sure...

But he got himself in position to make the catch and it went through his hands.

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