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### Jets \ Bills --- The Official Game Thread ###


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I'm saying that they are crapping on our offense and Rex has more playoff wins than any other Jet coach in history.

The Rex bashing is crazy. I have no hate for Rex, and he's owning us tonight.

Still see is challenging spots n the field in the first quarter. He loves doing that

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Then he has 30 minutes to stop missing them.

He should do that.

Also, Gailey should get a bit more creative. Maybe something other than throw to Marshall, run Ivory for 1 yard up the gut. This Bills defense isn't that good, Fitz is getting time to throw, but they're running the offense through Marshall and Ivory. Rex can stop the top 2 weapons. It's the other guys he can't ever stop. 

Fitz can get the ball out quick, like Brady (sorta), but he's got to be throwing to guys other than Marshall. 

The problem is two-fold. Fitz is making some bad throws, and the offensive gameplan is transparent.

Only 27 more points until 30.

Rex is the best defensive coach in the league, whether you like it or not.

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