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Get well soon.  Can you do me a favor and tell him he sucks if you see him. 

He doesn't suck but your post does.

Definitely bipolar A win = Goin' to the Playoffs' BABY!! A loss = FIRE everybody!! Put up billboards!! Wheres the nearest bridge?? Some folks need to remember thare are actually more

Realist.  Fitzpatrick is a career .500 QB 7 teams in 8 years never won anything i guess you are happy with that. 

Just happy that massive draft BUST Geno will never take another snap as a NY Jet QB. And that, good sir, is the hapoiest thing for Jet fans in this 2015 season

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Just happy that massive draft BUST Geno will never take another snap as a NY Jet QB. And that, good sir, is the hapoiest thing for Jet fans in this 2015 season

So you are ok with a journeyman .500 QB 7 teams in 8 years who hasnt beaten a team with winning record this season. 

Geno really had some great WRs in his career here Clyde Gates,David Nelson Hall of Fame material. 

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If  he doesn't practice, how can he start ?

There's still Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday..  Bowles said if he doesn't practice, he won't play.  He also said if he only practices Friday, he could still play.

My guess is he practices all three days

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No, you hate Geno and love Fitz.  When someone like me says anything about him you twist it.  As in saying I love Geno.  Find a post where I want Fitz out and Geno in.  I dare you to find it.  Stop talking out of your ass.  Back to the point.  You're convinced that Geno cant do as well as Fitz, he likes Geno better and youre killing him for having an opinion.  You do it all the time Joe

you have beat the drum but I will say not as much as jw.      He beats it nonstop and I can show you 40 examples right now if you need.   I don't love Fitz at all.  I just know how much better he is then Geno.  I hope Petty better then both next year.  

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Tyrod nearly got himself killed that game; can't be the better QB from the sidelines.  Running QB's just don't last.  Enjoy EJ Manuel for the stretch run.

He'll be fine. He's mobile, not a running QB. Watch our other games, you'd understand. The Jets defense is really good, and the Bills O had no good answers for all the blitzing. Made Taylor scramble more than he's had to all year. Luckily we had a nice day rushing the ball and got some turnovers. Taylor has been really good for us, 5-2 with him starting is the only stat line I care about right now. If they keep leading the league in rushing, we won't need him to throw 35+ times a game, but he could. Unless you have Brady/Rodgers when your QB is throwing that much, it's generally not a good thing. You're learning that with Fitz, something we knew all too much about. It's just gonna get worse. 

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 - Ryan Fitzpatrick is on the mend after thumb surgery Friday. He's expected to start at quarterback in Houston on Sunday, but Jets coach Todd Bowles isn't guaranteeing it.

That means there could be a Geno Smith sighting if things don't go the Jets' way."I'm hopeful that he will be," Bowles said Monday of Fitzpatrick being OK for Sunday. "He had today off, he'll be off tomorrow, so we'll see on Wednesday how he feels."

Fitzpatrick's surgery "went fine," according to Bowles. But he said the Jets briefly considered resting the 11-year veteran this week to ensure there are no issues with his left thumb."It was a thought, but it wasn't a serious thought," he said. "Everything that was conveyed to us [was] that he would probably be able to play if everything went well. And everything went well."

The biggest issue for the coaching staff is assessing the 32-year-old's "pain progression," Bowles said, adding they'll need to see "if he can take snaps under center and see how he feels Wednesday.

"After the medication wears off, we'll go from there."

Though Fitzpatrick was at the facility at some point Monday, he did not practice. By the time Bowles held his afternoon news conference, Fitzpatrick was at home "resting," the coach said.Bowles said he can wait as late as Friday afternoon to make a decision, based on Fitzpatrick's progress. But he also said, "If he doesn't practice all week, he's not playing."

If that's the case, Smith -- who lost his starting job to Fitzpatrick after former teammate IK Enemkpali broke his jaw during a training-camp fight -- will have to fill in for Fitzpatrick again.After Fitzpatrick injured his thumb minutes into the Jets' 34-20 loss in Oakland on Nov. 1, Smith was called to action. He competed 27 of 42 attempts for 265 yards, two touchdowns and an interception.

Bowles expressed confidence in the third-year quarterback.

"Geno's our backup quarterback," he said. "He'll take the reps, Bryce [Petty] will take some reps. So if [Fitzpatrick] can't play, the next man will be up."Bowles later said of Smith, the Jets' starter the previous two seasons: "Every player has got to be ready when his number's called. If you practice like a starter, when your time's called, you'll be ready for your opportunity."

That may be true, but the Jets hope to have Fitzpatrick against the Texans. Right now, Bowles is taking a wait-and-see approach."We've got to see about his pain level and see if there's any difference in how he took handoffs last week and the way he's taking them this week," Bowles said.

So how confident is Bowles that he'll have his starting quarterback against the Texans?

"I'm not sure," he said. "It would be unfair of me to say he's going to be fine. I'm not a doctor."

>     http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/geno-smith-on-standby-if-ryan-fitzpatrick-can-t-start-against-texans-1.11131758

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- The last time we saw Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick preparing to face a team that discarded him, he was screaming like a madman surrounded by his Houston Texans teammates, screaming that he would lead them to a win.

And then he did.

The Texans beat the Buffalo Bills 23-17 that day. In fact, the Texans won each of the three games in which Fitzpatrick faced a former team. He even set a franchise record with six touchdown passes against the Tennessee Titans."It definitely matters to me, especially teams where it's kind of ended -- not necessarily on a sour note, but where you've either been cut or sent away," Fitzpatrick said. "I think it definitely matters to me a little bit."Fitzpatrick started nine games for the Texans last season before being benched for Ryan Mallett. When Mallett's season was ended by surgery on his torn right pectoral muscle, Fitzpatrick returned to start in three more games. Fitzpatrick went 2-1 during that time to finish with an even 6-6 record. His first game back was against the Titans, for whom he played in 2013.

The Texans traded him to the Jets for a conditional sixth- or seventh-round pick. The Texans host the Jets on Sunday.

It was clear from the hoarse, spinning pregame speech he gave last year when the Bills came to Houston that those games mean a lot to him. And it's also clear in his numbers, provided by ESPN Stats & Info. He's got a better passer rating, better Total QBR, better completion percentage and better winning percentage than usual against teams on which he used to play.Against his former teams, Fitzpatrick's completion percentage is 62.1, he's thrown for 258.3 yards per game and he has a touchdown to interception ratio of 2.14 with a total QBR of 52.7. Overall Fitzpatrick's completion percentage is 60.1, he averages 200.5 yards per game and he has a touchdown to interception ratio of 1.25 with a total QBR of 46.6.

One might say the numbers are skewed by that six-touchdown game against the Titans last year, but it's also important to consider that Fitzpatrick has had by far his best total QBR this season at 70.1.

The message here? Beware Ryan Fitzpatrick.

>   http://espn.go.com/blog/houston-texans/post/_/id/14091/beware-of-ryan-fitzpatick-against-his-former-teams

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