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Then stop putting peanut butter on them you freak.

I named my dog Geno. He's stares out into space a lot and sh*ts the bed every Sunday.

Owner: 'Okay puppy, Sit!' Puppy: 'It's a process.'  

So I got a basset hound puppy yesterday, and I'm trying to come up with a good Jets-themed name for him, since I'm an unrepentant homer. Does anyone have a pet named after a Jets player, or have a good idea for one? I was thinking Martin (as in Curtis) has a good ring to it. 



Mr. Sniffles.

Not Jets related. I just think that'd be adorable.

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Fvck it. Name him "SUPER BOWLES!" and be done with it.

Spell it exactly like that with all caps and the exclamation point. And you have to yell it excitedly every time you say it. Even the vets have to yell it like that. You tell them.

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Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Some really good (and funny) names in here. I think we're going to go with Martin; that seems to be the one the kids the most, and you can't go wrong with C-Mart. If I ever get to meet him I'll have him sign my dog's collar or something. 

(That is, unless Max wants to pay me $5,000 to name him Jetnation.com--that's a whole new area of brand recognition just begging to be tapped. Just throwing it out there.) 

On a related note, I was thinking of getting some Jets gear for him to wear on game days. I've only been a dog owner for about 48 hours, though, so I can't decide if that's a lame idea or not. Thoughts? 


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