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Seems more philosophy than coaching

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We are all hating on someone after this loss, whether it is Fitz, Bowles, Gailey or Devin Smith, or just Geno for being Geno.

But I am not sure any of that is really the reason behind why we are stuggling.

I think the problem is just the way we have been and continue to be set up philosophically as a football team.

The reality is that Woody still believes in 1990s football, based around defense and running. Even though he was only here a few years, Parcells philosophy still casts a very large shadow across this team,

Essentially since the mid 1990s we have been built around a defensive mindset, with a conservative offensive philosophy focused on ball control and managing TOP.

From a personnel standpoint, we greatly prioritize defense in the draft especially early in the draft. We have also not paid much attention to measurables in our drafting, especially speed. Our player evaluation team has been largely the same as well for all this time, despite never demonstrating a consistent ability to identify talent. As a result we rarely have team speed. and struggle to find play makers on offense. And we are stubbornly loyal to veteran players over younger players.

Over the years, the names of the HC has changed and we have changed GMs a few times but we have never adjusted the way we approach football. We are seemingly oblivious to the dramatic changes in the way NFL Football is played in this era.

The way we approach building a team does not work. Sure, we have never had the QB, and that is huge, but even if we did we would not put that guy in a situation designed for him to succeed.

Until we change the entire thought process on how we approach our team, we will continue being the same perpetually mediocre and boring team to watch.








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Here's what it boils down to. As bad as the defense played today, that same defense gave the ball to the Jets offense twice down by 7 outside of 4 minutes and saw 2 interceptions by the offense as a result.

I am sincerely glad that none of this can be placed at the feet of Geno Smith. 4-1 was Ryan Fitzpatrick and 1-4 is Ryan Fitzpatrick . It is what the vast majority wanted, so deal with it.

P.S, It's still not time to bench Fitzpatrick.


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Bowles said as long as we are winning,fitz is our qb. At 4-1 youd be have to be an idiot to disgree or want to make a change.


We have now lost 4 of 5. We are 0-5 when our defense doesnt get at least 2 turnovers or more.


Fitz is injured and has shown us what hes been his whole career. A below average qb and a perennial loser.


How long are we going to keep trotting him out? Im so sick of hearing about his leadership and how allegedly smart he is. He plays like a rookie qb. He locks in on 1 target and doesnt scan the field. He throws into double and triple coverage constantly. He doesnt slide. He is not a smart qb. He hasnt had a winning record in his entire career. You cant call yourself a good leader if youre constantly a loser. 



Its time to bench him.



Its also time to start williams over cro. And its time to start erin henderson over demario davis.



Bowles has to take a long look in the mirror. This team is on the brink of a meltdown on what once looked like a 10/11 win playoff team. Tough decisions need to be made no matter how much it upsets some players or fans.

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We view offense as something you address via FA and spend every pick on defense. It's gotta stop. Our running backs are dreadful as is the TE situation. Doesnt help the scouts have sucked too. Who ******* scouted Devin Smith and thought that was a good idea? Who the **** thought Ridley and Stacy were worth rostering? Anyone who watched a down of college football could tell you Lockett was a player and Smith was a guy who went deep weighing 160lbs.

The franchise hates offense.

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