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Interesting movement in the playoff picture this week ... Pitt losing to Seattle was huge, it drops them below us (as of now) due to conference record, BUT that's a very incomplete tie breaker at present.

KC still look the best bet for a WC spot as things stand ... easiest schedule of all the 6-5 / 5-6 teams, PLUS the best conference W-L record to boot (5-2). And they've beaten Pitt, Buffalo and Houston, so own head to heads there if needed. Two games vs. Oakland book-end a fairly soft run in their schedule (SD, Bal, Cle), SD could be a surprise but that game is at Arrowhead, so definite advantage for KC there.

AFC South is getting tricky ... it'd be better for us if Houston win the division, due to the head to head tie breaker, but if there are 3 or more teams on the same record that doesn't factor in. Houston's next games are very interesting for us - Buffalo next week then Patsies followed by Colts. Another Bills loss could pretty much put them out of the race, and the Colts game could be the difference in the division title.

Indy play Pitt this week ... if ever there's a game you wish both teams could lose, this would be it. Game's in Pittsburgh, so Steelers should be favoured, but Big Ben's health will be key.

Pitt are below us right now due to conference records - we're 5-4, they're 3-4 and have games vs. Indy, @ Cincy and vs. Denver the next three weeks. That's a rough road. If they lose 2 of those 3 we may be able to stay ahead on conference record. I'm assuming we have to beat Tenn and Buffalo to stay in the race, so in that scenario we'd end up 6-6 conference record (unless we can beat NE ...)

Lots of key match ups this week - Jets need to take care of business vs. the Gints first and foremost.

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