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### Jets \ Dolphins --- The Official Game Thread ###

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Too valuable as a punt returner.

The Jets will get back on track against the Dolphins. Too many losses lately. In the words of Mick, what are we waiting for? Let's go Jets.

EAD Shane, you moron

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Enjoy the game say hello to Biff and Muffy for me,did you remember to bring them a piece of mince meat pie. 

Dont forget the ear muffs and your handkerchief to wipe down the seat.

You crack me up every day, JoeWilly12

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As putrid as we've been playing recently, you have to remember that these are the Dolphins.

The Dolphins.

No worries, guys. We got this.

Now, everyone, prepare to open your non-dolphin safe can of tuna and enjoy!

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Or a great cold morning to sleep in a bit and wake up late and watch NFL football from your easy chair with a hot cup of coffee. 

Or a good morning to enjoy some herbal refreshment, take a soak in the hot tub and then settle in for a Jets victory (I HOPE).

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