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### Jets \ Dolphins --- The Official Game Thread ###


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This is Miami we are playing who are as bad a team in the NFL as there is BUT its good to see we are whipping the llama's ass

I haven't seen a Miami sweep since the Mangina days I'm enjoying the hell outta this!!!! Soaking it up like some mother f'ng sunshine! B)

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He does suck. Just like every Jets QB you ever liked. 

Having a good game, which he is, doesn't mean he doesn't suck.

And despite your neg rep, that long pass to Marshall was underthrown. It looked on the money because Marshall got held up after the ball was in the air already. If he wasn't held up it wouldn't have been on the money. Or do you do not acknowledge that is what happened right in front of your eyes?

you know who sucks ?  you suck.

Long pass to Marshall was under thrown ? Dude just give it up since you have no idea when that ball was released in relation to the hold which just slightly altered Marshall's route right at the turn up field.

Fitz is far from suck he's a good QB and if this team would have executed all year we would be 9-2 rather than 6-5. Funny they still dropped 6 passes on him today. Oh and BTW I never said Sanchez was a good QB nor did I say he was playing well ...what I did say was that I saw potential and if we would have surrounded him with competent football players at the skill positions he would have at least had a chance to prove himself . The Jets destroyed that kid the way they handled him not the other way around ...but you keep saying I thought he was great ..your a legend in you're own mind

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