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### Jets \ Dolphins --- The Official Game Thread ###


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I remember that game well. Don't let the 4 TDs fool you; Sanchez was atrocious that day.

Fitz is having a far, far better game today than that one.

Oh, I'm sure. I wasn't trying to make an indictment on Fitz, just pointing out how absolutely putrid our QB play has been these past several years.

I'm happy that Fitz is the best we've had in a while, but I'm sad that it's been that bad to begin with, and that the best before him WAS Mark.

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Your vote was for:

"He's a very good QB or better who's been hamstrung by Schottenheimer and Tannenbaum's ineptitude"

Very good or better than very good. Lol.

Stop it. You hated Geno from day one, before he even started screwing up, purely because he was competition for Sanchez. We could have picked up Aaron Rodgers and you'd be complaining that if only the receivers played as well for Sanchez as they did for Rodgers then it would be Sanchez having an MVP season. :)  

But who IS a bad QB in your eyes? Cam Newton.

Let it go. 

Holy sh*t, rekt


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