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### Official Jets \ Titans Game Thread ###


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Here is the game thread. Sorry I am a little late, I was driving. Which is exactly what the Jets offense is going to do on Sunday. They are going to continue this drive right to the playoffs!

Here is our Game Preview and some Titans players to watch.

More importantly, here is your Rocky clip of the week. This is a game where the Jets should shine. Time to get strong now.

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I know that Revis is probable but did that final doctor clear him?

The Jets cornerback, who missed the past two games with a concussion, will need to be cleared by one more doctor in order to play this weekend against the Titans, Todd Bowles said Friday.

“Pending that clearance,” Bowles said, “he’ll be good to go.”

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Two things that will make this game interesting. The matchup of 2 tight ends with the Jets secondary and LB's, and the LB pressure from the Titans. The Titans are also pretty good against the run. Curious how the Jets will adjust, but I do believe they will find solutions against a less than complete team. Titans' offense, even with young Mariota, is not good.

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The Titans confuse me. Marcus Mariota is having a solid rookie season 19 TDs and 9 INts. He has a great QBR (For what that's worth) against the blitz. Yet the Titans are 26th in points scored/game.

The Titans defense is 8th in yards allowed. Yet they are 21st in points allowed/game

I think a lot of young QBs get snagged in the red zone

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This is a no win situation for Todd Bowles and the Jets.

You either get "you were supposed to beat them" or "SOJ"

If they lose this game, we go right back to sh*t show city.

In addition, there is a very popular "We won but we looked like sh*t doing it"

I guess we'd disagree here.  I'd call 8-5 with playoff's not only still alive, but in our control with 3 games to play a "win situation" for Todd Bowles and the Jets.

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