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Pretty sure cinci has nothing to play for at this point right?


No I believe Cincy is playing for a first round bye. I still believe that KC or Pitt will lose a game also, KC more likely.

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Pats already secured the bye with the Broncos loss. No way they take the chance of playing injured players now. Doubt we see Edelman, Amendola, Chung, McCourty, or anyone else dealing with an injury. Certainly makes it more feasible to see a win & we probably won't see Shady McCoy the last game either. Things are lining up, we just need some help, I have this weird feeling Oakland will beat KC, it's hard to win that many in a row without stumbling & there's a good chance Cincy beats the Broncos, I think Assweiller played the 2nd half with an injured left shoulder (he sucked!)

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Denver losing might actually be a good thing. They haven't looked great and now with a loss to Cincy on Monday night and a jets win over pats the Jets would control their own destiny heading into week 17. But we have to beat the patriots, this game is going to be huge. 

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At this point, the  JETS have improved and it was a fun season.   Let's win the next 2.  

Whatever happens from there is not in our control. 

I called 11-5 before the start of the season to a friend. I got laughed at, and apologized when we went on that losing slide. If we go 11-5 and don't make it to the playoffs, I am going to lose it. Honestly, I don't know if we can win both games. 

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According to this  http://www.playoffstatus.com/nfl/afcstandings.html    we've only got a 22% chance of making the playoffs :(

I'm not really worried about that because we have the hardest schedule between Denver/KC/Pitt simply because we face the Pats. If we win out, our chances of making the playoffs is probably around 80-90 pct because there is a very small chance the other 3 teams win out. Odds are 1 will stumble along the way. 

If we lose to he Pats, I am cool missing out on the playoffs. We didn't take care of business. But to win out and go 11-5 and NOT make the playoffs will hurt. 

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