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Pray that Cincy has a lead at halftime!


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Denver & Osweiler have been held scoreless in 2 straight games in the 2nd half. Bengals have a very good defense (much better secondary) than the Steelers. Cincy has the running game to wear down the Broncos front holding a lead in the 4th quarter. 

Bengals have to stick to their running game to protect their backup QB. TOP will determine the outcome of this game. Let's all hope that Osweilers shoulder affects his play enough for the Bengals to get off the field enough on 3rd down to control the game & turn it into a grinding physical game. I would hate to put all of our eggs in the Raiders beating the Chiefs in KC in week 17 basket, ugh. I honestly think the Bengals are our only hope. Marvin Lewis might hold the key to our entire 2015 season....yikes.

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winning out doesnt clinch playoff, need help

We need help, but winning out is the most important thing we need to root for. If we win out, it would take a ton of bad luck for us not to make it.

The odds of Denver/KC/Pitt winning out is very slim. Then again, the odds of the Jets winning their last 4, while Pitt has won their last 3 and KC has won their last 8 was also VERY slim. At least now we added a 3rd team to the mix. Denver seems to be falling apart. While they are facing a backup QB, the Broncos are also throwing out a backup QB and his WRs seem to have forgotten how to catch. The bengals defense will not be doing them any favors this week. 

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