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### Jets \ Pats --- The Official Game Thread ###

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My game ball is already going to Chan Gailey. This dude has put together one hell of a gameplan on offense today. This is the first time in a LONG TIME that I felt like the Jets came in prepared to dominate on the offensive side of the ball with play design. 

still have a half to play

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Congrats Jets fans on a phenomenal win against the Pats JV squad. Please send a donation to: Mathewslaterimthebiggestdumbass.com How much are Jets playoff tickets going for at MetLife?

Another thing I noticed. Bowles is the complete antithesis of Rex. Completely even keeled and keeping his composure. Gone are the days of the head coach celebrating and rushing down on to the field a

so meaningless that the head Pats troll had to run to a Jet board to tell everyone it was meaningless. Brady and Gronk half crying their way off the field didn't seem to agree with you

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He's 28 and is perpetually nicked up. Even when he's healthy, he's not even a Pro Bowl caliber back. He's tough, scrappy, and all that, but you can fill up that role with a cheaper guy. IMO, they need to get more athletic at RB and TE anyway. 

he's a pro bowl back now. 

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