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GAME BALLS Jets vs Pats*

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I just threw my 10 year old son across the room onto my friend.   He's 80 pounds but I'm pretty strong right now !!!

my story is a lot less funny, jusr leaping off the couch and felt the old pop and burn in my calf muscle

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This was a true team win, with both stars and role players stepping up.  If I had to choose 3:

1) Fitz

2) Entire D-line for making the Pats* o-line look silly and keeping Brady scared

3) Revis - shut down whoever he was covering.

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Big shout out to Mauldin. I think he may be a force next year. 

Yes...I really like Mauldin's energy and he looks like a regular starter.  With Pryor coming on strong and that young DL, this defense looks poised to stay strong for a few years.

I'm going to toss a deflated game ball to one Patriot.  Ninkovich.  Not sure what he does against the rest of the league but he is clearly Fitz's arch-nemesis.  Heck...even when the ball goes through his arms, he gets a deflection with his helmet.  Props.



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