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Eagles fire Chip Kelly


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The failure of Eddie Lacy has me forever adopting the zero RB theory in fantasy football. I was almost there. Now, it's all the way. Except for LeVeon Bell. I love that guy.


But, anyway, back to Chip Kelly. Since most of the big time college jobs are already filled, I see three scenarios taking place. The most likely is that he ends up in Tennessee to coach Mariota. The second is that the one team looking to make a big splash and dumb enough to give him absolute power is our friends the Dolphins. The third is that he takes a year off and returns in a high profile college job.


My gut tells me that the obvious Titan thing doesn't happen and Chip heads down to South Beach to become King Phaggot. This really isn't something I want to happen. I know Tannehill sucked this year, but he's a better fit for Chip's offense than any pro QB Kelly has had. The talent is there with Landry, Miller, Stills, and Parker for that to be a very scary offense with Chip Kelly running it.



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Chip Kelly fired or demoted every personnel person in the Eagles organization. I don't care if he's saying now that he no longer wants personnel control, because that tune will change the second he's dealing with players he doesn't like. Mike Tannenbaum, cockroach to his core, is highly unlikely to hire a head coach who will immediately threaten his own job security. 

Much like Rex Ryan, Chip Kelly is a guy who'll get hired by an owner enamored with him rather than a team executive. 

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His system worked just fine his first 2 years, winning 10 games and his division each year.

Last year he went 10-6 and missed the play offs. Dallas won the division at 12-4. Detroit and Arizona got the wild cards at 11-5.

And the year they won the division, they lost at home in the Wild Card game to New Orleans.

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To me it sounds like the owner wants to be liked by the players. And as we all know a good percentage of them don't like rules or anything that could interfere with their paycheck. Some of the sour grapes against Chip like with McCoy are directly tied to contracts. He has nothing to complain about Rex gave him way above market. Why doesn't he just let the Player's Association choose his next coach. 

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The system got him to five games over .500 with Nick Foles, Mark Sanchez, and Sam Bradford under center. If there's a lesson here, it's that no coach should ever get personnel control. If there's another, it's that teams in big markets should be content to hire the latest Manic Pixie Defensive Coordinator to call 30 dive plays a week and win every game 17-13, because hiring a coach with even a mildly innovative bent will cause media and fans to react to every move he makes by saying "You think you're better than me?"

We are the establishment.  The establishment fears change.

Chips system was a mess this year. They never had the ball. It took some time for the league to catch up, but they caught up. I believe they had the most negative plays in the league. It wasn't an innovative offense, it was predictable and easy to key on the backs to where the play was going. Their passing offense consisted of Jordan Matthews running crossing patterns and getting destroyed.

I guess if he had mobile QB it could work, but calling that offense innovative isn't accurate imo.

That is what I didn't understand about the QBs he brought in.  Why bring in Bradford and Sanchez when mobile QBs are everywhere and a comparative value?  I would have expected him to take a shot with a guy like Tyrod Taylor, maybe make a move for Mariota or a guy like Kaepernick.  The only QB they drafted was Barkley who doesn't seem to fit that mold either - even Hundley would seem to make more sense to me.  All the places where it would seem his "genius" could be put on display he seemed pretty conventional at QB.

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