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2016 Offseason Thread


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1st round draft a franchise quarterback and then rebuild.


the entire secondary should be revamped/traded away for youth

same for the linebackers

the dline might be young enough to stay around through the upcoming losing seasons.


Oline needs to be revamped, hopefully trade mangold to  a contender

wrs will need to be revamped, Marshall and decker are vets and need to go 

 resign Powell for the meantime, junk Ridley and ivory and maybe draft a Derrick Henry in the 2nd round

tight end, hope  amaro recovers to be that guy


Resign fitz

keep Marshall or decker ( they deserve to be part of a veteran team)

overall don't bring this  patchwork team back together when you know they can't win the big one. 

Bowels will be here for awhile, let's give him a chance to rebuild. 






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Offensive needs:

  • competition at QB
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th receiving options, specifically a TE that can give us 40-50 catches and mismatches that relieve pressure on the top 2 WRs
  • a starting RB, one that can excel in both the run/pass game

Defensive needs:

  • a replacement for Cromartie
  • a prospect to eventually replace Revis
  • edge rusher
  • LBers that can cover

Special teams:

  • fire April
  • improve roster depth, thereby improving talent available to play special teams
  • kick/punt returners
  • punter


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tbh all 3 qb's on our roster can go away



Fitz had a good statistical year but so would any qb throwing to Marshall and Decker in the spread offense

Exactly you or I could have done it 

The bearded wonder lets all go out and buy a shirt 

Not me FU Fitzpatrick you choked and suck 

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What I don't understand is having the best offensive season in Jets history, one of the best defenses in the NFL and not making the playoffs. THATS GANG GREEN FOR YA.

Beat Eagles and Bills at HOME and we're not having this conversation. This team was too inconsistent all season.

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