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Mods, if this is in the wrong spot I apologize.





Anyone know some good sites for personalized jerseys? A buddy of mine did me a big favor when I uprooted from Brooklyn and took my new job in 'Bama and he watched my cat for me for a few months. I'd like to get him a  personalized 'Skins  Jersey as a thank you. 


From my Google search I'm coming across either NFL shop or sites that seem not so legit (i.e. Adult Jersey has a youth description, etc). If the answer is $150 from NFL shop, then fine. Just wondering if you guys know any other spots. 




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I have one from the NFL shop. When I got it two years ago they only offered the game jetway which is their 99 dollar version with ironed on name or the field jerseys which were their $250 version. I would have loved the limited jersey which is stitched lettering and not as expensive as the field ones.

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